Be Somebody that knows stuff

These are the notes of our grade 1/2 teacher Pauline O’Hara.  I have seen similar thoughts expressed in Who Owns the Learning by Alan November, but these are all Pauline’s original thoughts on what we can be doing to motivate our kids.

What do you know?  make a personal poster entitled Yes I Can!  Fill it with sticky notes stating what the student already knows.

Start small and grow

  • ask me about…
  • I know more stuff…
  • now I know…
  • look what else I know….
  • I learned…


next – have students share what they know with students in other classes

Set goals to learn more new stuff that can be shared with other students.

Make the passion for knowledge PUBLIC

There are no uninteresting subjects, only uninterested people

It’s not about the sauce, it is about the process.  The process is the gift

sauce 2

Teachers are “learning salespeople” – sell the product!


Share your curiosity with someone else.  If someone does not know how to wonder, share how to develop that skill!

Get parents involved too – they too must promote learning and curiosity, they can share their knowledge with their children

Promote PRIDE in knowing



Then…keep a visual record