1:1 Opening stages

Tomorrow we hand out the chromebooks.  Most of our junior students already have chromebooks, but now they will be bringing them home.  Most of our students and parents do not have computers at home or if they do, there is not a machine that students can use on a regular basis.  We are emphasizing that students need to bring them every day just like any other learning tool they use on a regular basis.

Below, I have included the letter the junior teachers came up with that will go home with the machines.

We are really hoping that the access to chromebooks will make learning more seamless.  Work started using Google tools can be continued at home.  Our primary students have received the old iPods originally purchased as part of an ELL pilot program.  My hope is that these machines will go home on a regular basis as well.

Being mindful of the advice I have been reading on 1:1 implement, the next step will be to give the teachers all the PD support they can take to help them with the transition.  Our next session will focus on the Discovery Education Science Techbook which we will consider purchasing a licence for next year to give teachers quality on-line materials that can be used in the classroom and at home.


We have already spent a fair amount of time this year on digital portfolios and Google apps so we are hoping that teachers will have some resources available to make the transition more manageable.

This is an exciting experiment and I have to thank the staff for being so open to the challenge.  My job now it seems is to keep an ear to the ground and find more ways to support the staff in this new and very exciting venture!

Any ideas or comments would be very welcome.

Teacher Letter

Dear Parents and Guardians: 

Your child will be provided with an ACER chromebook or a Samsung chromebook 

to use for the rest of this school year.  The expectation is that each evening this device is to 

be charged and brought back to school for use in the classroom the following day.  It is 

imperative that the Chrome Book  come back each and every day without fail. 

Please be advised that in the event this machine is damaged, another one will not 

be provided.  The machine is to be returned to the school no later than Monday, June 15, 

2015.  In the event that the machine is not returned to St. Anthony, it will be necessary for 

a replacement fee of $308.00 to be paid in full to the school. 

Students are to be using this technology to supplement their learning, practice 

keyboarding skills and complete their homework assignments. 

Please acknowledge acceptance of these terms by signing below and returning this 

letter to your child’s teacher.  Once we are in receipt of your confirmation, your child will be 

assigned a device. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the above terms.