What to do when trust is broken

Ours is a very difficult profession.  So much depends of mutual trust to make things work.  So, the question is, what does one do when that trust no longer exists?

Whether it is the trust between teacher and student, parent and teacher or administrator and supervisor.  How is one to continue doing the difficult work we do when that trust has been destroyed? How does one come back from that.  Can one come back from that?

The web that keeps us together is a frail one.  Once it is broken, is it even possible to rebuild it?

I think it is possible, but it take a great deal of hard work, honesty and incredible communication skills.  It also takes a great deal of courage.  Sadly, such a combination of skills are hard to find.  It is much easier to leave the bond broken hoping that somehow it will mend itself.

As administrators we have a special responsibility to keep that bond strong and ensure that when it is threatened, bold measures are taken to make things right. When action is not taken relationships and trust are destroyed possibly forever.

This is an important lesson for an educator.  If it happens to you, the best you can do is to make sure you never do the same thing to another person.

Learn from your own misfortune and become more empathetic so that your actions bring healing and confidence in others.

Do nothing to break that fragile bond.