Journey to El Salvador for Teacher Candidates

Next week, we will be presenting this trip as a volunteer opportunity for University of Ottawa Teacher Candidates. I think this is a wonderful opportunity for new teachers – what a wonderful way to start your career with three weeks learning about the power of education in El Salvador.

So, here is the full trip we are proposing for students:


Center for Exchange and Solidarity – CIS and the Center for Global Engagement, University of Ottawa Education Cultural Exchange program in El Salvador April 9 – 26, 2018.


Proposed Objectives:

  •    Learn about the history of the El Salvador, and the root causes of war, migration and violence.
  •    Exchange ideas about the educational system and teaching methodology in El Salvador and Canada with Salvadoran teachers and students of education.
  •    Share specific knowledge through workshops, making a video or other skills part participants may have (ex. art, marketing, computers, English,  gender, human rights, environment, culture of peace, communication, soccer, softball, etc.)
  •    Salvadoran share specific testimonies of overcoming violence, women’s empowerment, how education and formation has impacted their lives and community.
  •    Promote a culture of solidarity, of mutual support and global connections for social and economic justice.

Ideas for possible Activities.

The final program will be based on the number of students participating, the areas of particular interest, community needs and resources available:

  •    General orientation, culture, security, health, history of the CIS.
  •    Testimony – History of the War and El Salvador.
  •    Hike ecological forest which was a guerrilla encampment during the war in Cinquera Cabañas.  Learn about History and the Environment.
  •    Visit site of Guadalupe and Tenango massacre in the Department of Cuscatlán-Cabañas and learn how survivors have overcome
  •    Visit public school and exchange with students and teachers.
  •    Meet with CIS promoters in charge of formation of CIS scholarship program and their use of popular education in the communities.
  •    Exchange with CIS scholarship students studying education
  •    Visit historical sites in San Salvador:  The home of Msgr Oscar Romero’s home and the chapel where he gave his life
  •    Visit the Jesuit University and site where 6 Priests and 2 women workers were massacred in 1989.  
  •    Stay in rural community:   visit homes, visit the school, do some exchanges with community and /or school teachers; meet with women’s businesses, make tortillas.
  •    Stay in Urban Community:   Meet with teachers about special challenges of gangs in schools; understand the displacement of communities during the war and earthquakes and shanty town settlements; exchange with CIS art therapy course, and human rights committee.
  •    Workshops:  Participants will be asked to develop a workshop  or a series of workshops on one theme to share in the community depending on their skill set and interest – Some examples, that the community request  include education methodology,  different arts, marketing, computers, English,  gender, human rights, environment, culture of peace, communication, environment.
  •    Indigo – history, culture, cultivation and processing of dye and dying clothes by women’s groups.
  •    Exchange with CIS English and Spanish Teachers and popular education and language instruction.
  •    Spanish classes are available online or at CIS in El Salvador.   It can also be worked into the program if there is an interest, but will limit time to carry out other activities listed above.


Travel / air travel:   $1,135 CDN (Pardo Travel Ottawa)

CIS fee (food, lodging, program coordination, translator and guide, in-country transportation, honorarium, park or museum entrance fees):  $1,800 U.S. / per person.


  •    Participants confirmed by November.
  •    Payment in full for air travel $1,135 CDN – November
  •    Application fee $200 U.S. (non-refundable) November.
  •    Balance – $1,600 U.S. payment due:   March 1st.
  •    Program:  April 9 – 26, 2018


Center for Exchange and Solidarity – CIS and the Center for Global Engagement, University of Ottawa Education Cultural Exchange program in El Salvador April 9 – 26, 2018.


PLEASE E-MAIL TO CIS: so we can better organize your visit.

Name (full legal as in passport: ______________________________________________________

Name you like to be called by: ______________________________________________________

Gender: _________________________________________________________



Postal Code/Country__________________________________________




Date of Birth / age: _________________________________________________________

Passport Country and Number: _______________________________________________________

Profession/undergrad and graduate area of studies: _____________________________________




Have you been to El Salvador before? _____________________________


(If yes) When? What type of program _______________________________________________

Special Dietary needs:  (vegan, vegetarian, diabetic, allergies, lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance; eat everything) _____________________________


Special health conditions we should be aware of? _______________________________________


Why do you want to participate in this program?


What are your priorities for the activities you would like to see included during the exchange program?


Is there any type of workshop or project you would like to prepare to share in El Salvador?  Explain brief concept, who would be the ideal audience, ideal number of participants (e.g.  Women, teachers, education students, youth, kids), and what type of resources if any would be required to carry out said workshop.  (It could also include the making of a video, collect testimonies of certain sector and not necessarily a workshop)

Emergency Contact Information:  Name, phone number, e-mail, Messenger or other ways to contact in a timely manner: