First talk today #ecoo13 Amber MacArthur

First talk today #ecoo13

tweets from Amber Mac talk at #ecoo13

  1. #ecoo13 1999: 38M ppl w/ broadband Internet Today: 1.2 B have internet on phones #ocsb
  2. #ecoo13 20,000 education learning apps available on iPads #ocsb
  3. #ecoo13 kids are hardwired to use new devices – iPad, Chromebook etc #ocsb
  4. #ecoo13 1. Believe in the Power of One – United breaks guitars UA then lost $180M video -$150.00 #ocsb
  5. #ecoo13 Authenticity Bravery and Consistency – 2010 Adapt quickly – to win the race first of the ABCs in 2013 #ocsb
  6. #ecoo13 5. Embrace the pivot – Twitter change from ODEO to Twitter started as an internal communication tool, next vine #ocsb
  7. #ecoo13 6. embrace social media storytelling – 50% increase in how much people interact with content if there is a visual attached #ocsb
  8. #ecoo13 7. Protect your privacy – privacy Fix – will tell you where your privacy holes are – think of Facebook #ocsb
  9. #ecoo13 8. Creating Video moments – powerful moments can be captured and shared #ocsb
  10. #ecoo13 9. Lean on your community – using Twitter or other micro community to ask for help! #ocsb
  11. #ecoo13 10. Follow new apps – ex: the human body – blend of learning and play #ocsb – all about discovery
  12. #ecoo13 NFC Technology – allows you to embed chips in your business cards, or vocab treasure hunts #ocsb
  13. #ecoo13 Digital trends – Smart windows – windows and mirrors become interactive screens #ocsb
  14. #ecoo13 Crowdfunding – just launched in Canada – Kiva a greta one too #ocsc
  15. #ecoo13 Micro video – vine – 6 second video to share #ocsb
  16. #ecoo13 videos – kids teaching kids through Youtube example – MathTV #ocsb

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#ecoo13 Thursday Keynote – amber mac @AmberMac

Doug Peterson starts off the second day of the conference #ecoo13
Doug Peterson starts off the second day of the conference #ecoo13

Part of Amber’s bio:

Thursday 24th October, 2013

8:15am to 9:30am (EST)

Amber Mac is an entrepreneur, television host, professional speaker, and bestselling author. She co-hosts a TV show on CTV/BNN called AppCentral, which airs nationally in Canada, Australia, and South Korea. Amber is a regular contributor on CTV News Channel and has appeared on various other networks, such as CNN. She writes weekly for Fast Company, where she discusses social business, digital productivity, and how to work smarter. Amber has also hosted a number of online video shows for Fast Company, which her digital marketing company produces.

“Amber Mac is a virtual Swiss Army Knife of networking: she displays an endless amount of enthusiasm and energy that nearly crackles off the page. More importantly, she demonstrates a deep and practical understanding of the necessity of extending one’s personal and professional presence online.”

Amazing conversation!

my notes are all here  I wrote as fast as I could!