First talk today #ecoo13 Amber MacArthur

First talk today #ecoo13

tweets from Amber Mac talk at #ecoo13

  1. #ecoo13 1999: 38M ppl w/ broadband Internet Today: 1.2 B have internet on phones #ocsb
  2. #ecoo13 20,000 education learning apps available on iPads #ocsb
  3. #ecoo13 kids are hardwired to use new devices – iPad, Chromebook etc #ocsb
  4. #ecoo13 1. Believe in the Power of One – United breaks guitars UA then lost $180M video -$150.00 #ocsb
  5. #ecoo13 Authenticity Bravery and Consistency – 2010 Adapt quickly – to win the race first of the ABCs in 2013 #ocsb
  6. #ecoo13 5. Embrace the pivot – Twitter change from ODEO to Twitter started as an internal communication tool, next vine #ocsb
  7. #ecoo13 6. embrace social media storytelling – 50% increase in how much people interact with content if there is a visual attached #ocsb
  8. #ecoo13 7. Protect your privacy – privacy Fix – will tell you where your privacy holes are – think of Facebook #ocsb
  9. #ecoo13 8. Creating Video moments – powerful moments can be captured and shared #ocsb
  10. #ecoo13 9. Lean on your community – using Twitter or other micro community to ask for help! #ocsb
  11. #ecoo13 10. Follow new apps – ex: the human body – blend of learning and play #ocsb – all about discovery
  12. #ecoo13 NFC Technology – allows you to embed chips in your business cards, or vocab treasure hunts #ocsb
  13. #ecoo13 Digital trends – Smart windows – windows and mirrors become interactive screens #ocsb
  14. #ecoo13 Crowdfunding – just launched in Canada – Kiva a greta one too #ocsc
  15. #ecoo13 Micro video – vine – 6 second video to share #ocsb
  16. #ecoo13 videos – kids teaching kids through Youtube example – MathTV #ocsb

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Day Two at #ECOO13

After an amazing Day One, I am ready to start Day Two.  I am still trying to process all I learned yesterday.  No question, the most important conversation was with MaryKay Goindi @MKGoindi.  What she had to say about math: making learning visible, the problem-solving mind set, how to record learning with Evernote, etc was truly amazing.  When I wasn’t talking to her I was trying to write down everything that was being discussed.  I wish our teachers could have been here, I think they would have loved it.

This is certainly a great education for me.

screenshot of visual captured yesterday using evernote and annotated by Educreations
screenshot of visual captured yesterday using evernote and annotated by Educreations

This is a pretty lame example of what you can record with these tools, but if I can do it anyone can!

What MaryKay had to say about teacher mindset was also extremely important.  We are asking teachers to teach math in a way very different from how they were taught.  As a principal, I realize now that I need to find opportunities for my teachers to get more training in this new mind set.  This is not just a problem at our school, it is a problem for our school board and for our province – lots to think about, lots to do.

Today, I will be starting with the keynote by Robert Baker, Director of Technology, Cincinnati Country Day School.  His topic – You Really Can Have It All

His school was the first to go 1:1 way back in 1996!  Below is a short video about his school.  Great way to start day two!