Minds on Media – Discover the World – ArcGIS Online

momgis.weebly.com – here is the web site we are using for this session.

What is GIS?


We are starting by setting up an account and exploring here


when setting up an account – go for a public one for now – really easy if you follow this guide

 Tutorials for Web GISIntroduction to ArcGIS Online
education@esri.ca edu.esri.ca Page 2 of 5
Part A: Creating a Public Account in ArcGIS Online
1. Start by typing the URL www.arcgis.com/home/ into your Web browser.2. Click
Once your account has been created, you will automatically be signed in and taken to the
ArcGIS Onlinehome page
shown below. You now have the ability to save and share Web maps and apps through ArcGIS Online.
Here is a map available on gallery – you can embed your maps or add a link

View Larger Map

From here, there are lesson plans you can go to – the example here is ‘Map my community’

example from map my community - full lesson plan and speaking notes included
example from map my community – full lesson plan and speaking notes included

I would start with this lesson – when adding layers use this for Canadian data   esri Canada ed

you can add notes and the layers you add to the maps are incredible!

ESRI also comes with a great lesson planner tool that will give you great ideas on how you can use this with your students

Time to move on – I have been here 2 hours!!


Minds on Media about to start #ECOO2013

looks like there will be space for me!
looks like there will be space for me!


We are about ready to start with Minds on Media – I am hoping to write a new post for each table I sit at.  The first session will be ArcGIS – mapping and Geography with Peter McAsh.  Think I have this blog worked out – will be using my lap top and my phone for instagram photos that get uploaded to the blog automatically.

Also trying out a new blog which is driving me a little crazy right now!

Now the speakers are being intoduced here is a quick summary of the topics:

media literacy

internet radio that can be run by students


mapping – the next level

creation apps

Mind Craft – playing between schools

make your own music using ios etc

open source programming tools

teaching math through problem solving- capturing student thinking through technology


building a PLN

The philosophy of the day – You are in charge of your learning today.  the participants will bring their needs at each center, leave and move around when you need to.  Move on and get up and move to the next spot when you are ready.  A little like an unconference!  Off we go!!