Forget Sony Pictures, Disney Films, or Warner Bros. Entertainment! You can have a Film Making Studio in Your Classroom!

One computer? No Problem! One Camera? No Big Deal! No Money? Easily solvable! Creating a “Movie Studio” environment is fun way to engage your students in demonstrating their learning in a dynamic and creative way. This session will explore ways that you can turn your classroom into a film studio that is capable be of producing Short Films, Documentaries, Zombie Movies, Cartoons, Stop Motion Animation, Shadow Puppetry, and so much more. Let’s turn our students into the next great filmmakers!

Students creating their ideas

preplanning process through storyboarding

Tools to use for movie making

  • smart phones all have movie making capabilities
  • video cameras
  • DSLR cameras
  • green screens
  • apps – pic stip (example)
  • apple computer – imovie

one camera – station

one camera and computer – use the computer for editing


shadowpuppetry – one or more cameras editing software, a lamp a white sheet, metal hangers, cut-outs  and time – lunch hours

Stop motion animation – 

tools – NFB Pixstop App or other stopmotion apps computers and cameras, smart phones with apps – iPads (1 per group of 2 kids)

subject – what we learned in the first 100 days – over 3000 pictures, students had to come up with the story, develop the story board, teacher helped with the editing


laptop needed, variety of subjects

Go! Animate – software, but expensive



can use for a variety of purposes, best in small groups


Slideshows with Voiceovers

camera, movie-editing software, presentation software

used for example to make a presentation on the different celebrations at Christmas

can use powerpoint or imovie

Green Screens

green background – can put any picture in the background

need iMovie, Green Screen, Macbook Pro

work in small groups or whole class in sections

green screen



use of imovie

lots of feedback from the teacher

story boarding first

Popular Genres – mimicking popular movies

tools:  iPads


teaching how to develop a good story

finally…Jump Cuts festival in Toronto – students featured their work as part of TIFF

jump cut