Minds on media Create more, consume less. #ECOO13

On to my fourth session – I find that I need to spend two hours at each session to get a sense of what is going on.  I find I am very interested in any app that allows direct communication between home and school.  Here is one project created for Mother’s Day in the kindergarten class using Explain Everything.  The explanation on how to set up the lesson is explained here.  This app is the most difficult to learn, but you can use it right up to grade 12.  Angie suggested going to the web site to view the tutorials.

Fortunately, each presenter has notes for their session.  Here are the notes for Create more, consume less

Create more, consume less.

It’s time to shift the learning from a consumption model to a creating model. Come and spend the day exploring and learning about creation apps. You will have time to create something of your own. Together we will share the best creating apps and the way they are used effectively in classrooms. Create something you have been putting off. Work independently, with a partner or in a group and create an ebook, an audio file, a movie, a screen cast or any other type of text.

In the morning, we will have the opportunity to Skype with one of the app developer of My Story. We will be able to ask direct questions to the developer and discuss their latest update on their app My Story 2.0 Together we can have rich dialogue about ways to infuse our classrooms with creating tools.
In the afternoon, we have tentatively booked a Skype call with the app developer of Explain Everything. You will be able to ask questions directly and discuss their app.

Some suggested apps that we might explore:

My Story

Explain Everything

Pic Collage
Lets brainstorm together ways we can use these and other creation apps to connect with families. Here are some examples of ways I’ve used apps for Special Someone Day (Mother’s Day or Father’s Day)
Special Someone Explain Everything 
A message to a mom while the child draws a picture of their mom. There is nothing more precious then a young child’s voice!
A Padcast / Audio File message to someone special 

This session is intended as a time to learn and create together. You can suggest apps to explore or spend time using an app that you haven’t had time to master. This time is for you to cocreate and learn alongside others. Bring your own device if possible. We will brainstorm ways creation apps can be used across the curriculum and the grade levels.

Come for the day or join in for a short time. It’s up to you. Make the most of your time, share, create and learn.
Check out the list of other resources at the bottom of this page.

I’m looking forward to spending some time creating with you.

Angie Harrison
professional blog http://techieang.edublogs.org/
Classroom blog http://mrsharrisonk.wordpress.com/

Resources for Wednesday
Video Tutorial on My Story Tutorial
Website for My Story 
Facebook page for My Story
Twitter Handle for My Story @Mystoryapp
Explain Everything Manual is available for download in the iTunes store
Explain Everything Video tutorial 
Website for Explain Everything 
Facebook page for Explain Everything 
Twitter Handle for Explain Everything @explainevrything

we also looked at My Story: Book Maker for Kids you can actually turn on text to speech so that they can add text to their stories!

Screen Shot of My Story - costs $3.99, well worth it for creating and saving stories that can be sent home!!
Screen Shot of My Story – costs $3.99, well worth it for creating and saving stories that can be sent home!!

One thought on “Minds on media Create more, consume less. #ECOO13

  1. Andrea

    This Kindergarten teacher is really awesome. I could probably have spent the day in her session. Definitely an FDK inquiry, play-based classroom! Both her blogs are really great. I have also used the PIC COLLAGE app to add pictures to my website. Best way to fit many into one image and it’s very easy to use. She even had a little video tour of her classroom set-up. Now what I’m anxious to find are FDK teahers with small space solutions!


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