#ecoo13 Friday Keynote – Jamie Casap @jcasap

Jaime Casap

Google Senior Edu Evangelist & Tech & Learning’s Most Influential. Hoodlum from Hells Kitchen focused on making edu the silver bullet and using tech as a tool!

Jamie Casap

Jaime Casap is the Global Education Evangelist at Google, Inc. Jaime evangelizes the power and potential of the web, technology, and Google tools in education. He helps educational organizations across the world find ways to utilize these tools in support of new learning models. His team is responsible for bringing Google tools to millions of administrators, teachers, and students across the globe. Jaime was named one of Tech & Learning’s Top 10 Most Influential in Education, and is a SXSWedu (South by Southwest) Distinguished Speaker.

Jaime serves on the Science Foundation Arizona Board of Directors, on the Board of Directors for New Global Citizens, is a member of the Digital Learning Council, and on the Executive Advisory Board for Arizona State University’s Department of Information Systems.

In addition to his role at Google, Jaime is a Faculty Associate at Arizona State University, where he teaches graduate classes in leadership, innovation, and public policy.


For the longest time, your location determined your success in school.

Now, all the libraries are at our fingertips.

We have to ask the question, why does the grade 7 class today look the same as 20 years ago?

We haven’t switched our philosophy about what to do with this information.  Since the 1960’s we have been talking how technology will change education.

But now – we have the start of a new philosophy

  • Learning is personal – it doesn’t make sense that there is one model for all
  • Technology is totally ingrained into our lives – most of us use the web before we are even awake!
  • The web generation – technology is part of their lives – it has been all their lives.  How they learn is different from how we learned.  Their expectations are very different than ours.

Are we ready for this generation of kids?

What they have now – is the worst technology they will ever see – how do we deal with these expectations?

Now we need to ask kids – what problems do you want to solve?  The resources they have at their fingertips is unbelievable, se we need to teach them to be problem solvers.

There is only iteration, there is only the next step, it’s only iteration that counts in this world.  We want to be able to teach them to move things forward.

They need to know how to collaborate – this is more than working together, it is understanding another point of view.  It is to be able to sit there, listen to another person and change their mind.

Kids need to become digital leaders, not just consumers of content.  They need to create on-line.

They also need to be good searchers – most of us are.  Command F – can be used to find a specific item on a web site.  Our job as educators is to take information and turn it into intelligence.

What we also recognize – great change only comes about through education.  Teachers now will create what the next generation will look like – what the next level of intelligence will look like.

As administrators – we need to give our teachers space.  The most important person/factor in the room is the teacher not the technology.

We need to find out what professional development we need to keep these teachers current – that is how administrators can help.

Broadband and devices are now part of the infrastructure of the school – it has to be at the fingertips of the students.

Innovation must cause innovation – innovation is education- it is what we do with our technology

Can we imagine what technology will look like 2, 5, 10 years from now.  Education is the silver bullet, not technology.  Teachers need to use technology to teach, creating a new way of doing something.  Education is the only thing that can change society.  But we need to have new models to do this!

Finally, check out my storify in the next blog post!

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