Keynote Day Three Jamie Casap @jcasap

Keynote Day Three Jamie Casap @jcasap

Jaime Casap is the Global Education Evangelist at Google, Inc. Jaime evangelizes the power and potential of the web, technology, and Google tools in education. He helps educational organizations across the world find ways to utilize these tools in support of new learning models.

  1. Tech is not our solution. It’s what we do with it to make positive changes that will make all the difference. #ecoo13
  2. Great keynote by @jcasap at #ecoo13 – technology is not the silver bullet, education is.
  3. Don’t use tech to make our existing system more efficient; use it to transform our system. @jcasap #ecoo13
  4. 10 yrs ago we fought for unlimited copying access. Now we must have unfettered web access and iterate #ecoo13
  5. Excellent question! RT @nobleknits2: how do we teach our kids the perseverance for iteration? #ecoo13
  6. #ecoo13 tech is not a silver bullet but it is a damn good tool for changing things!
  7. The function of education is to teach one to THINK intensively and to think critically! @Jaimecasap @JeanMarcDupont7 #ecoo13
  8. We shouldn’t be teaching tech but using tech to teach. Technology should help us create new ways of doing things. @jcasap
    #ecoo13 #rcdsb
  9. “Teacher shouldn’t teach technology, rather use technology to teach.” @gcasap What is your goal? Decide on tech supports after. #ecoo13
  10. Don’t use tech to make our existing system more efficient; use it to transform our system. @jcasap #ecoo13
  11. We still think of broadband as “Nice to Have” VS “Absolutely Necessary”. Would u build a school with electricity only on floors 1&3?#ecoo13
  12. What we have now is the worst technology our 5 year olds will ever see. It’s their Commodore 64. lol @jcasap #ecoo13
  13. The role of the teacher used to be the Google of the classroom @jcasap #ecoo13

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