Using iMovie to highlight school sports

Coming off of ECOO13, I am trying to use all sorts of new technology to highlight what is going on at our school.

One of the really fun tools has been iMovie trailers.  We have made a bunch of them to really jazz up the reporting of some of our tournaments.

Friday, we hope to take the next step by training our grade 6’s to use more of iMovie in order to make a series of anti-bullying videos for the school.  Moving beyond trailers is a big step, but it is very exciting to see how quickly our students are learning to use this great tool.

Here is today’s video – the cool thing about trailers is that it sets up the shots for you.  I actually did most of this work in 5-10 minutes!  Great fun!

The real test comes this Friday when the grade 6 students will present their video material!  Looking forward to this.



One thought on “Using iMovie to highlight school sports

  1. Karen McEvoy

    What a wonderful idea!! I am sure this iMovie will be enjoyed by all… especially the parents who were not able to attend the volleyball tournament! Thanks for sharing!


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