SAMR in the schools – where is your staff?

It is very exciting to see what is happening on our staff.  With a good representation of the SAMR model (below) it is possible to get a good idea on how our staff is progressing.  There is still a good deal of work to be done, but the survey gives a good idea of what my role as principal and what our staff need to continue to work on.

Think back to September, where would you have put yourself according to the SAMR model





Now that you are half way through the year where would you put yourself on the scale?

Substitution 4 40%
Modification 4 40%
Augmentation 2 20%
Redefinition 0 0%

Where do you plan to be by the end of the school year?

Substitution 1 13%
Modification 4 50%
Augmenataion 0 0%
Redefinition 3 38%

Is there anything that I could do to help you move to the next level

I am using some technology that is listed in all of the SAMR categories but because I only use them some of the time I probably was (in Sept) and still am at the S level. I still have a long way to go and would really benefit from some in-service. We have spent a lot of money on the technology and none on teacher training in the use of it. I am not tapping in to the full potential of the iPads (or even the SMARTBoard for that matter even though I use it all the time). ? More time to explore and train with devices and programs. Also – not much for you to do on your end but – tech support is not always available to us when we really need it ASAP. ( understandably, INFO TECH is always busy, but why are they not adding more “IT” staff to reflect the increase in number of devices and tech items were are using compared to a few years ago? We still only have one very busy service IT for so many schools. You have done an outstanding job of putting technology into the hands of teachers and students. Thank you.

To move to the next level, a couple of half day in-school workshops from Lisa Langsford or Marcie Martel (or similar) to SHOW us how to use some apps and show us some real student samples of how to use them would help a lot. And allowing some hands-on to explore what they are teaching us. (Or after school if funding is not available). We must be able to tap into some board funding??? I get the feeling we are only scratching the surface of how we can be using the ipads.

If there was a set (minimum 4) Chrome books in my class all the time I could reasonably incorporate them into constant use, therefore making them a full time tech choice. Continue educating us on shortcuts or new apps at staff meeting I need concrete suggestions for primary activities where tech can be substituted on a more regular basis. What aps are best for primary level which students can use on their own to produce work? Personally, I find my tech goals are pushed back by lack of time but I would make an effort to take the time if I had to present my activity to others or had a deadline to send student work to you. My goal is to use it on a more regular basis though… Not just for one project to demo. Provide some in-school PD time to learn a new tool.

WiFi – are there any areas of the school where the wifi signal is not strong. ie you can’t pick up a signal

library and the hallway outside of it, staff room No issues! ? Staffroom hall, and please share comment above with them as well all OK as far as I know x in and near library Staff room and library

Thanks for all your comments – we are up to seven!!

I promise some action will come out of this survey and i will amke sure the Board knows there are no weak wifi zones

 Click here to download the PDF – will really help you figure out where you are and where you are going!!

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