BYOD: Go Get These 10 Apps!

Some great apps here. Should be on every teachers’ list! Thanks

Cooper on Curriculum

BYODFor approximately the past five months, my fourth graders and I have been pre-piloting BYOD for our district. While our findings are detailed in an earlier post, here is a list of what I consider to be the must-have apps for BYOD (as opposed to apps that I might consider to be “the best” in general).

Google Drive: The ability to establish an effective workflow is easily one of the bigger problems when dealing with mobile devices in the classroom. When this app came out a few years ago it essentially took a sledgehammer to this dilemma. Although this app does not possess all the same functionality as its desktop counterpart, it will allow students and teachers to access their work, wherever and whenever (especially if your district has gone Google Apps for Education, which it should).
Platforms: iOS, Android, web                       Price: free


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