A School Maker Faire




Next week we launch something entirely new for us – our first maker faire. With the wonderful assistance of Reg McCulley, one of our student teachers from the University of Ottawa, and Cathy Iverson, our library technician along with a wonderful, innovative group of makers from all around Ottawa, 80 grade 5 and 6 students will spend the day taking part in demonstrations and workshops using 3D printers, raspberry pi kits, minecraft, circuits, lego and much more.

This will be a day of creation and exploration for the students of three elementary schools which will open them up to the possibilities that making things offer. We have outlined below some of the activities the students will get to take part in.


The ideas come from the presenters who will be spending the day with us. The extra design work here is all Reg’s.


Activity Station A– LED Airplanes



Activity Station B– Bristle Bots and Lego Mazes Bristlebot Kit - Single Pack



Activity Station C– Question Machine with a Light-up Answer




Activity Station D– Minecraft and 3D Printing Station




Activity Station E-Minecraft Master Game Designer






Activity Station E is the only station which requires previous knowledge. Only select this station if you can answer yes to at least two of the following questions:


  1. Have you played Minecraft many times?  

  2. Have you used Scratch before?

  3. Have you used any programming language before? (like Python or Javascript)  

All the students will be able to take part in demonstrations as well


  • Dash Robots 
  • Sphero Robot 
  • 3D Printer Demo
  • Computer Deconstruction 
  • 10 Lego Blocks Challenge
  • CARL Robotics
  • Makey Makey 
  • Minecraft Virtual Reality 

All in the space of one day!  This promises to be a great new experience for all of us!






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