DENSI 2015 – a unique learning experience

American University-the conference site

It is not too often that a PD experience hits the mark.  The Discovery Education Summer Institute is really an exception.  Over 50 administrators spent three days together moving at a breakneck pace through a series of keynotes, workshops, tours and most importantly, networking.

I think the conference is unique because it is the result of a partnership between educators and business.  We not only had some wonderful sessions with key educators, but we also spent some very valuable time with producers from Discovery who shared their experiences in creating shows, both successful and not, for the network.

We toured the corporation headquarters which was an experience in itself.  On every floor you could see how employees fashioned creative spaces for themselves.  There was evidence everywhere of past shows, new ideas and sharks, lots of sharks.  

What happens when you take a group of 50 administrators and expose them to such a creative environment?  Lots of new energy, drive, friendships and new ideas.  Throughout out time here we were encouraged to think big, lead, create and innovate.  What an incredible boost for principals after a long hard year.

one of many examples of creation and innovation we were exposed to

There is a great deal to digest and more networking to come, but this is the kind of PD we all need – a chance to come together and really dream what education can be like when we free up our imaginations.  

The people at Discovery dream big and can really think outside of the box – now we have to bring this back to our own schools and districts and pass on this great spirit.

Thanks Discovery!


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