Staying connected as educators – The OSSEMOOC blog

The OSSEMOOC Blog is starting up another 30 days of connecting which is a wonderful idea that we should all consider.

Here is one of the resources also available on the OSSEMOOC blog today

It still amazes me that in this world of instant communications and social media we are so poor at connecting on a professional level.  It seems almost impossible to connect administrators (in our area at least) through any form of social media.  Just think of the great ideas out there that are not being shared!  

Here is the first part of the challenge:

If you are reading this, you already know that the world is changing, and you know that as a leader in education you need to be connected.  But where do you start?

This month, OSSEMOOC is taking you from beginner to connected in 10 minutes a day.

I contributed my small part to today’s first challenge:

It is easy to connect for ten minutes a day. I like what we did before where we invited people to write blog posts to the connected community and then we commented on them. This serves two purposes, it encourages writers and it gets a dialogue going. These seems so hard to do! It is nearly impossible in my area and it is not really encouraged. However, as administrators we need to take the responsibility to connect seriously – how else can we be expected to actually learn anything new that is not already mandated?

Now it’s your turn – can you connect for 30 days?

Happy to connect every day for the next 30 days – thanks for getting this started again!!


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